Dubai SWF

Dubai SWF Majority Stake in the Kerzner International Holding - Joint Venture Investment Management and $2billion CMBS Restructure Participation

Key Investment Plan Implementation Highlights:

  • Participated in the due diligence and investment management of the JV in the Kerzner International
  • Represented and prepared the SWF’s board members on various Board Meetings and ran the day to day management of the JV
  • Jointly developed and implemented a $2billion CMBS restructure with the Kerzner team that was spearheaded by JP Morgan. The restructure entailed:
  • Sale of real estate to develop and implement an asset light strategy
  • Restructure and consolidation of various tranches of debt
  • Implementation of Asset by Asset profit improvement plan
  • Equity injection from the partnership

Role : Equity investment management; Managed the day to day Board/JV Management and Reporting, where the CEO the Dubai SWF was on the board; and jointly with Kerzner team developed and implemented a US$2.3bill CMBS restructure (2008-11)

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